Thursday, July 30, 2009

Farmer Family Moose Jaw 1972

Here's the Farmer family circa 1972 in the family room of our home on the air force base at CFB Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. The photographer is the impish 13 year old on the left side. My excitement was twofold. First I was thrilled that I'd got the gang together for a photo-shoot. Second I couldn't wait to develop the negatives, print the prints and then see what I got.

My favorite parts of the photograph are (a) my brother Mike's pants (yes - strips do make you look thinner bud) and (b) my sister Diane's choice of neck jewelry. Neck chokers did eventually fade but back in the '70s they were the definitive fashion statement.

Technically this was a very long (2 hours) photo restoration effort. Well worth it needless to say.

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