Monday, December 31, 2012

Burrard Street Bridge at Sunrise Dec 30 2012 10a

Vancouver's iconic Burrard Street Bridge, the most westerly of the southern entrances into the heart of the city, bakes in the thin light of a winter sunrise.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

English Bay Moonset Sunrise HDR Dec 30 2012 15a

I love this shot on a few levels. The deepest one being the "What the heck is that vertical ray of light dead center of the shot?" level.

I do 90% of my post processing at the HDR phase and adding a column of light emanating from the ground towards the sky is beyond the capabilities of my workflow at that phase.

What you see is what I got.

My guess is that it's a digital reflection of the fringe of my apartment building's exterior (fuzzy line far left). Or a spirit going to heaven. Not sure which.

English Bay Moonset Sunrise HDR Dec 30 2012 04cnn

‎45 minutes before sunrise the late waning gibbous moon of 2012 illuminates a sleeping English Bay Vancouver.

English Bay Moonset Sunrise HDR Dec 30 2012 02a cropped

A few minutes before the early winter sun peaks over the eastern mountains Vancouver's West End and North Shore mountains are bathed in the pre-dawn pink of twilight.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sewall View Dec 17 2010 04a

The eastern edge of Vancouver's Stanley Park meets Vancouver's West End. Very much a 'country folk' meet 'city folk' sort of thing.

No fighting you two.

Siwash Rock Stanley Park Dec 17 2010 03a

A wary walker navigates through the twin faces of Stanley Park's Great Western Gate.

Second Beach Pool Stanley Park Dec 17 2010 01a

The Second Beach Pool in Stanley Park Vancouver. Very late fall 2010.

Siwash Rock Stanley Park Dec 17 2010 02a

Siwash Rock and the Stanley Park Seawall caught in the glow of a sunny fall afternoon in downtown Vancouver.

A shot that really shows off the geological nature of the young volcanic rock that makes up the bedrock of Vancouver's West End.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Late Night Sunset June 25 2012 01a

A stratospheric fogling, several kilometers above Vancouver's English Bay , transits south west to the Pacific Ocean as an early summer sunset looks on

Summer Solstice Warmup Jun 19 2012 01a

A late spring frontal system plays peak-a-boo with Vancouver's English Bay. 2 sleeps to the longest day in the year. Sigh. :)

West End Snow Storm Dec 19 2012 15a

I use a razor sharp and compassionate scalpel when I post process.

I could have masked out the two seagulls way back at the HDR phase of my workflow but .... HDR is a temporal as much as it is a colorful media. Where else but the 21st century and beyond could you see a shot like this. :)

West End Snow Storm Dec 19 2012 14b

The 2:50 PM sailing of the False Creek Ferries service arrives at the West End Vancouver terminal on a snowy Vancouver afternoon. Brrrrr.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

West End Snow Storm Dec 18 2012 08a

Kitsilano Vancouver looking all cute and sexy in a dusting of snow.

West End Snow Storm Dec 19 2012 05a

I think I just found my favorite shot of the year.

West End Snow Storm Dec 19 02a

I can't believe the depth of field I got in this shot at f/5.6. Honestly I'm photo-gobsmacked.

5 shot HDR sequence at f/5.6, 10mm (Sigma 10mm to 20mm lens), ISO 200, aperture priority with shutter speed range of 1/20s to 1/250s over the sequence.

Even in a snow storm Vancouver's West End looks pretty. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Storm Surge and King Tide AM Dec 17 2012 02a

Surge Takes Sunset Beach. Damp footage at eleven.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Storm Surge and King Tide AM Dec 17 2012 06ann

English Bay Vancouver greats Winter.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

After Eight R03 Dec 16 2012 06a

That is one sexy boat. Sigh.

English Bay Dec 16 2012 01a

Organized chaos.

False Creek Vancouver style.

Friday, December 14, 2012

English Bay Sunrise 12 12 12 02a

A still slumbering West End Vancouver misses the obvious and lets a family of foglings sneak back to the sea via Stanley Park.

English Bay Sunrise 12 12 12 01a

The light of a late fall sunrise warms English Bay Vancouver.

As luck would have it the world did not end that day.

Next stop Dec. 21 2012. Be calm everyone. :))

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Cathedral Grove Vancouver Island Jul 07 2012 01a

If you travel from the east side of Vancouver Island to the west there's a good chance you will pass Cathedral Grove Provincial Park. It's, in my opinion, the best stop along the route and plan on at least an hour of no muss no fuss neck stretching. Pure ancient natural beauty. Soul food.

Some of the trees date back to 1200 CE/AD.

A must see.

English Bay Mid Afternoon Dec 06 2012 01a

English Bay looking quite pretty in the mid afternoon light of fall in Vancouver.

English Bay Rainbow Dec 07 2012 01a

A rainbow tracks behind a late fall squall travelling up Howe Sound north of Vancouver Canada.

Cypress Mt Dec 07 2012 01a

Acting as the city's first line of the defense the North Shore condos stare down the higher altitude snows. Sounding very much like Gandalf near the end of the first book of The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring - "You shall not pass!".

With wet snowflakes predicted for tomorrow the epic battle against winter begins in earnest. Be strong Vancouver. We'll get through it. :)

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sunset Dec 04 2012 03a

Sunset Dec 04 2012 03a by VancouverDoug
Sunset Dec 04 2012 03a, a photo by VancouverDoug on Flickr.

A False Creek ferry arrives at the West End Vancouver terminal.

Sunset Beach Shoot Dec 05 2012 13a

Looking west towards the north east corner of the Burrard Street Bridge. The gateway to Vancouver's West End and Yaletown regions. Asleep for the winter.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Sunset Beach Shoot Dec 04 2012 06a

The north underside of Vancouver's Burrard Street Bridge.

Looking very Transformer in the noon sun.

Sunset Beach Shoot Dec 04 2012 05a

Ground Zero of Sunset Beach in Vancouver looking towards the north end of the Burrard Street Bridge.
I love lense flairs. I don't seek them out but when I find one in a shot I make it the shot.

Sunset Beach Shoot Dec 05 2012 04a

The long shadow of me catching the pre-noon downtown urban of Vancouver's West End on a blustery December Tuesday.

"My God. ... I'm full of stars."

Stormy Weather Dec 04 2012 01a

West Coast Super Weather - Vancouver Style.

The eye of a low pressure weather cell tracks across English Bay Vancouver mid afternoon early December 2012. Watching the wall of the eye track across the city was both humbling and life affirming.