Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunset June 27 2010 05b NEF_DSC2751And8more_tonemapped

A late evening post sunset cool down in English Bay Vancouver Canada. June 27 2010

Sunset June 27 2010 04b NEF_DSC2746And8more_tonemapped

A warm summer sunset on Sunday June 27 2010 over English Bay Vancouver Canada.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

June 26 2010 Lunar Eclipse 11b 04_04_52am PDT_DSC2709

I've been a big astronomy fan for years but since moving to the core of Vancouver and being surrounded on three sides by thousands of points of city light astronomical events that I can see are few and far between.

In the wee hours of June 26 2010 however I got that old star-gazer feeling back as I shot short (1/200s) and long (2s) exposures of the first partial lunar eclipse of 2010. As the low clouds over the Strait of Georgia and the dawn twilight started to roll in I caught this view of the moon 20 minutes away from the peak of the eclipse.

And, as luck would have it 6 hours earlier I'd watched, for the first time, the International Space Station (ISS) track across Vancouver's sky.

A few years of astronomical beauty crammed into 6 hours. :)

June 26 2010 Lunar Eclipse 10 04_04_30am PDT_DSC2708

The June 26 2010 partial lunar eclipse.

Time: 04:04:30 AM pacific

June 26 2010 Lunar Eclipse 05 03_27_48am PDT_DSC2673

The June 26 2010 partial lunar eclipse.

Time: 03:27:48 AM pacific

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vancouver Biennale No 2 The Stop HDR 01b June 19 2010

Vancouver Biennale 02 - The Stop by Michael Zheng (USA/China). Here done with a heavy handed Hight Dynamic Range treatment. This sculpture can be found in Vanier Par Vancouver in between the Planetarium and Maritime Museum.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sirrus March 19 2010 DSCN0024

Sirrus, looking for all the world like she just got a joke that's been rattling around in her head for a week. :)

English Bay Vancouver IR June 18 2010_DSC2051

English Bay Vancouver June 18 2010 - a few days before the Summer Solstice - in Infra Red. I love how IR treats clouds in particular the every delicate high altitude cirrus variety.

Capt George Vancouver Monument HDR 02b June 19 2010

The monument, located in Vanier Park Vancouver right near the Maritime Museum, erected in honor of Captain Vancouver - the city's namesake. Looking all nice and mystical in the light of High Dynamic Range photography. The plaque in front of the monument reads:

"Captain George Vancouver, R.N., 1758 - 1798

A veteran of Caption Cook's voyages of 1772-1775 and 1776-1780, Vancouver went on to become one of the most important explorers of Canada's west coast. In 1791 he was given command of an expedition to the northwest coast of North America for the purpose of establishing British sovereignty here and exploring the possibility of a northwest passage. On this voyage (1792-94) he charted much of the coast north of the 30th parallel, sailing up the inside passage, circumnavigating Vancouver Island and exploring many of the geographic features in the area.

Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Vancouver Biennale No 3 Freezing Water HDR 08b June 19 2010

Freezing Water #7 by Jun Ren (China). Located near the entrance to False Creek in Vanier Park Vancouver this sculpture is meant to represent "liquid water or mercury stopped in motion that revealed its shape as a drop or spill caught in the air." For me, each time I see this beautiful work I can't help thinking about the curious and friendly water creature on the 1989 James Cameron epic underwater flick "The Abyss".

Diane Dad Mike and a Pike Saskatchewan 1972

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ocean Victory English Bay Vancouver June 19 2010 HDR

The super yacht Ocean Victory, on what I think is its maiden world tour laid anchor in English Bay Vancouver today. A gorgeous 75m ship with room for up to 20 crew and 12 overly pampered guests. Build in the Netherlands and, thanks to the power of Google, freshly in from a stop in southern Alaska after laying port in San Diego California.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

1001 Beach Avenue Vancouver IR May 08 2010_DSC2007

A mid-spring very magical looking infra-red photo of the backyard of 1001 Beach Avenue. This pricey but quite sexy building is nearly flush with the North West corner of the Burrard Street Bridge in downtown Vancouver. Architecturally 1001 Beach is a very unique building. I love the round portal windows that the architects used for the upper floors. A style that’s very much in keeping with the nautical flair of the building's overall design.

English Bay Spring Rain HDR

Classic rays of light over English Bay Vancouver on June 6 2010. Thanks to High Dynamic Range this shot includes rays coming in a different angles. A damp spring in Vancouver but one filled with fantastic sunsets that more than makes up for it.