Saturday, June 29, 2013

2013 06 June 28 Eng Bay Rose Twilight 04a nn1 BSBE02

Twilight's blush makes its presence known over English Bay Vancouver moments after the sun sets behind the mountains of British Columbia's Sunshine Coast and Howe Sound.

2013 06 June 28 Eng Bay Rose Twilight 02a nn1

Twilight's Blush

English Bay Vancouver is filled with the soft pinks and blues of summer twilight - June 28 2013.

Monday, June 24, 2013

2012 06 June 24 English Bay 03a

2012 06 June 24 Sheba 01a nn1 zc

Sheba exercises her radar while warming in a convenient sunbeam.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 06 June 23 02a IR Summer Sunrise 02a nn1

Vancouver's West End and English Bay in the Infra Red light of a new summer morning.

With clouds like these I'm expecting an unsettled day weather wise.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2012 07 July 04 Whistler 21a nn1.jpg

Thanks to yet another empty chairlift sighting he could tell that his companions finally shared his worry in earnest.

People went up ...

But they did not appear to come back.

uh oh ....

Monday, June 17, 2013

2012 07 Jul 04 Whistler 11a nn0

The peak lift run at Whistler/Blackcomb. Whistler side. July 04 2012.

A wasteland of ancient snow, tundra and freezing tourists.

What's not to like?

2012 06 June 29 Sirrus 01a.jpg

Sirrus, one of my two cats, loves scratch pads. Of which there are four in this shot. The big expensive ones.

She has trained me well.

2011 08 Aug 16 Eng Bay IR HDR 01a nn2

Vancouver's Inukshuk, made famous during the 2010 Winter Olympics, warms in the infra red light of a mid August afternoon circa 2011.

Goofy looking person in a Speedo bathing suit (lower right corner) included at no additional charge.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 06 June 14 Eng Bay Wispy Sunset 06a

Vancouver's Burrard Street Bridge looking very Disney in the setting sun.

2013 06 June 14 Eng Bay Wispy Sunset 05a nn2.jpg

This is called a "Light Pillar".

It's a natural super weather phenomena that, like Sun Dogs, is thanks to very high altitude stratospheric (10 to 50 km up) ice crystals.

Natural prisms doing good by bringing beauty. Very much a Moses moment.

2013 06 June 14 Eng Bay Wispy Sunset 04a nn0

I love this shot.

The very big picture.

Top right is the edge of my apartment building radically distorted by the fish eye lens effect due shooting at such a wide angle (10 mm). AND exaggerating the effect by shooting in portrait mode. Very cool. I love the clouds.

2013 06 June 14 Eng Bay Wispy Sunset 03a nn1.jpg

Armadillo Cloud. Head's on the left, tail's on the right.

The Sunshine Coast mountains must be on their migratory route or something. ;)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

2013 06 June 14 Eng Bay Wispy Sunset 02a nn1

Wispy cirrus clouds add a fantasy feeling to a late spring sunset over English Bay Vancouver.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 06 12 Kits and Eng Bay IRHDR 01a nn1.jpg

I love the depth of field in this shot.

Every thing is in focus. That level of clarity is thanks to infra red light. Fuzzy comes from the scattering of blue light. A type of light that IR photography is blind to. Thus IR photography is blind to fuzzy.

God like clarity with awesome clouds. Nerdvana.

2013 05 May 25 Kitsilano IR Clouds 02a.jpg

I love the busy nature of this shot and of course, sigh, the clouds.

This is IRHDR. Infra Red High Dynamic Range. It's like black and white on steroids.

This image is a tone mapped composite of 3 previously shot images. The original 3 images were taken using a Nikon D80 modified by the wizards at Life Pixel to be IR sensitive.

I cleaned the composite up a bit but the real power of the shot was, as always, the moment. There's soooo much going on.

I should make it into a 1,000 piece puzzle.

2013 06 12 False Creek Ferries 01a.jpg

Nice driving. :)

Thursday, June 06, 2013

2013 06 June 05 English Bay Sun Dogs 03a nn1.jpg

Detail on yesterday's Sun Dogs.

They, four if you are very luck, arrive with either a shift in weather systems or, in this case, a high pressure system bumping into another high pressure system.

2013 06 June 05 English Bay Sun Dogs 01a.jpg

The brightest pair of sun dogs I have ever seen. Ever.

2013 05 May 28 Fogling 01a nn1.jpg

BC's Sunshine Coast gets the coolest clouds.

2013 06 June 05 False Creek and West End 02

The roof of Vancouver's West End Aquatic Center provides an exact less in urban geometry.

2013 06 June 05 False Creek and West End 03a

Vancouver's West End mellows in the later afternoon spring sunshine.

2013 05 May 31 English Bay Sunset 02a nn1

The force is strong in this moment.

2013 05 May 31 English Bay Sunset 01a

A late spring sunset casts a golden glow on English Bay Vancouver.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

2013 06 Jun 05 Seawall iPod 016.jpg

English Bay Vancouver - as seen by my spiffy new iPod Touch. 5th gen no less. It has a nifty panorama mode that has added a significant upgrade to my photo options. Plus it's as thin as a cracker. I think I just found my perfect camera. And it shoots HD video.

This shot was taken at the rest point just north of Second Beach in Stanley Park.

2013 06 June 05 False Creek and West End 01.jpg

Just past the Burrard Street Bridge is the ... 'disputed zone'.

Not the West End, not Kitsilano, not Yaletown ... mostly just ... False Creek.

A lawless tidal pool basically. Home to pirates and pedestrian ferries.