Friday, March 25, 2011

Springs First Blush 02 Sunset Beach Mar 23 2011.jpg

Spring has finally arrived here in Vancouver after a wet and cool winter that at times seemed to never end. Winter's been banished and at last the eclectic mix of annual flowers at Sunset Beach in downtown Vancouver have started to bloom. Here's one of the early blossoms - what I think is a pair of Spotted Langloisia right at their unfurling.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

English Bay Tidal Pool HDR Rock Study 01 Mar 23 2011

Tidal pools rock. One theory about evolution is that given the low tide/high tide nature of tidal pools (caused by the moon's gravitational tug) the minerals and such in the pool would, day in day out - millienium in and millenium out - spend half their time in a concentrated state.

This concentration cycle lead to the creation of proto-DNA that eventually led to the emergence of my cats and me. So says the theory. In essence then, if true (which I think it most likely is), we owe our very existence to the moon - source of the tides that in turn give life to her pools.

Seawall at Second Beach HDR Mar 23 2011

Here's a nice shot of the Vancouver Stanley Park Seawall .. the seawall part. :)

Over the past 18 months the economic recession of 2008 to 2010 has provided this very yummy stash of cash called the stimulus fund (among other names). It's for "shovel ready" projects (read construction) that will benefit Canadians. As luck would have it we Seawall walking Vancouverittes would up with a multi-million chunk of this cash. Major reno on the Seawall but with a respect to it's heritage masonry (see photo above) form and flow. One day, God whiling, they will finish the reno and we can walk on it. :)

Spring's First Blush 01b Sunset Beach Mar 23 2011

Flower A: Finally. ... Sunshine.

Flower B: 'bout freakin' time.