Saturday, April 26, 2014

English Bay Vancouver In Infra Red Light

English Bay Vancouver in haze resistant infra red light.

2014 04 Apr 24 English Bay IRHDR 01a 3s hh

Monday, April 21, 2014

Pacific Big Sky

English Bay Vancouver

2014 06 Mar 30 IRHDR English Bay Afternoon 09a 3s hh

Seagull Sea Berm - Sunset Beach Vancouver

Looking like a gigantic seagull made of rock a seaside berm protects Sunset Beach in Vancouver's West End from tidal erosion.

Spring Blossoms

Spring explodes in Vancouver's West End.

Burrard Street Bridge and False Creek Vancouver

Vancouver's Burrard Street Bridge, built during the height of the 1930s depression, acts as the entrance to False Creek. So named because rather than being a creek False Creek is a highly prized and thus highly priced (real estate wise) lagoon.

Frequented by weekend boaters, nightly party boats, urban ferries, dolphins, bay seals, and grey as well as killer whales.

Skinny dipping do-able (it's not polluted) but not recommended (killer whales).

2014 03 Mar 13 English Bay IR 02a 3s hh.

The Salt condo tower at the south east corner of Drake and Hornby nears completion.  Started in August 2012 a new piece of architectural distinction gets ready for opening day.

2014 04 Apr 18 West End and Yaletown IRHDR 10a 3s hh

1000 Beach Avenue - Vancouver

1000 Beach looms large in the late morning Pacific sunshine in Vancouver's West End neighborhood.

2014 04 Apr 18 West End and Yaletown IRHDR 04a 3s hh

The Urban Jungle

Looking north underneath the north west end of the Burrard Street bridge.

2014 04 Apr 18 West End and Yaletown IRHDR 03a 3s hh

Lenticular Cloud

A lenticular lovely hovers over Vancouver's North Shore mountains.

I'm lucky enough to see 6 of these a year. Each one prettier than the last.

2014 04 Apr 14 Lenticular Cloud 01a 5s hh

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Beach Avenue Vancouver

Beach Avenue in downtown Vancouver's West End neighborhood on a sunny spring morning.

2014 04 Apr 18 West End and Yaletown IRHDR 01a 3s hh

Burrard and Pacific Streets Infra Red

The intersection of Burrard and Pacific streets in downtown Vancouver's West End neighborhood goes west-coast chaotic as the bridge is closed for repairs.

2014 04 Apr 18 West End and Yaletown IRHDR 07a 3s hh

A New Urban Legend

Nearly complete the Artemisia signature residences located at the corner of Helmcken and Hornby in downtown Vancouver warm in the morning sun.

2014 04 Apr 18 West End and Yaletown IRHDR 13a 3s hh

Saturday, April 12, 2014

il Gardino / Narnia

The il Giardino restaurant in Vancouver's Yaletown community - gone but not forgotten and moving to a new location.

Urban Jungle

The Urban Jungle gets ready for the main event - spring.

Lacking a real winter Vancouver has a fall/spring phase that lasts from October to March.  Once April arrives however the real spring deal kicks into high gear.

Urban Eagles

A pair of bald eagles buzz Vancouver's West End.

Looking for stray micro-apartment-dogs no doubt. :)

Earth Light

The view from the moon must have been even more spectacular.

Cloudy afternoons over English Bay Vancouver bring with them no shortage of high contrast infra red moments.

Vancouver's West End, False Creek and the city's iconic Burrard Street Bridge warm in the late afternoon sun.

A shy sun peaks out behind a bank of low level rain clouds over English Bay Vancouver.

After a week of rain a high pressure systems arrives over English Bay ready to dry out a soggy Vancouver.

And there was much rejoicing.

Pacific Gold - Unrefined