Saturday, November 06, 2010

HDR Hibiscus Feb 182008 Rev 2010

I loved it when the world of 35mm faded into the digital age in 1999. Since then we've gone from 1 million pixel cameras to 16 million pixel CMOS equipped devices previously the stuff of Star Trek. And, as the software and hardware evolves those HDR sequences of yesteryear get to be reborn.

With my new 8-core i760 computer system from Gateway I can scream through the latest HDR software. New software used to process an old (2008 in this case) series of HDR shots. It's like being able to process your negatives through new and improved chemicals.

I love this shot so much more than the first rev. It's more 3D.

Three years of working with Photomatrix (the HDR software I use) has taught me much. I can't wait to redo this shot in 2020.

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