Saturday, May 05, 2007

Lost Lagoon Part One

I've begun the multi-year project of scanning my 20 years of 35mm photographs into the digital domain. I talked to Dad this morning and went even one step further. During this coming summer I'll snag his collection of slides that date back to the 60s and push the family digital photo archive back years before Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

It should make for an interesting project.

Shown here is step one - day one of the mother of all scanning projects. This is the first of many photos from a magic roll of Kodak Infra Red Hi Res (25 ASA) film exposed at Lost Lagoon and along the Seawall one sunny afternoon during August of 1997. Nearly 10 years ago. The images were scanned at maximum resolution (21 mega-pixels) using a Nikon CoolScan V ED 4000 DPI scanner.

I've just started learning the numerous things you can do with this rather awesome device and found that using several of the digital enhancements the scanner is capable of, in particular the GEM grain reduction tool, has produced some pretty spectacular scans.

One major thing that I've learned is that to scan a 35mm image correctly you should plan on spending a good amount of time with the image. 10 to 30 minutes per image is often necessary to perform the adjustments needed to create a perfect scan. As such the idea of blindly scanning each and every 35mm photo I've taken since 1980 has quickly faded from my plan. I'll focus on the 4 and 5 out 5 photos first and worry about the rest later.

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